Sunday, January 20, 2019

Happy 3 Day Weekend! (Week 22)

Hello 2A Families!

Here is some important information about Field Day on Friday, February 1st.

Athletic Field Day

Athletic Field Day is Friday, February 1st from 8:30-11:00 for K-2 classes and from 12:00-2:30 for grades 3-5! Each year classes are assigned a Greek City State for their team.

Athletic Field Day Attire:

This year, your child’s team is Thebes, and our team color is RED. Students may decorate their shirts with their team name and/or symbol of their Greek City State. Students should wear athletic clothing free of pop culture references. Sports team and brand logos are acceptable on clothing. Students may wear athletic bottoms. Athletic shoes are mandatory (any color). Hats and sunglasses may be worn. Sunscreen must be applied at home. Please see pg. 52 in the family handbook for more detailed information.
Image result for macedonian symbol

There will be no school lunch offered on Athletic Field Day. Please send your child to school with a lunch.

Volunteers for Athletic Field Day:

In order to have Athletic Field Day run smoothly, we need your help! Coach Gethings & Coach Warren need volunteers setting up and running the event. Please sign up at:

We need a few volunteers for class to help with: *Please e-mail me ASAP if you can help!
  • Bringing a cooler for snacks (we will return your cooler to you!)
  • Snacks for snack time during Field Day (nut free/gluten free)
  • A couple volunteers to remain with our class throughout the Field Day festivities
On Next Week's Episode of 2nd Grade...

Math: We will be wrapping up Unit 7 with plenty of review this week! After our cumulative test Thursday, we will be introducing Multiplying by 4! Keep up those multiplication tables 1-3 in the meantime.
Weekly Tests: Tuesday (as a class), Thursday

Science: We are learning about the digestive and excretory systems next week. Talk to your child about how these systems work together to digest our food and get rid of waste. We will also be doing a gross, but educational experiment next week! Be sure to ask about it towards the end of the week!

History: The Ancient Greece unit continues with two lessons on Ancient Athens. We will take a tour of Athens, learning about the buildings and culture of the golden age, the time when Athens was at its highest. During this time, Athenians often went to parties called symposiums. Ask your child about what happened at a symposium. It may be unlike any party they've ever been to!

Literature: We will read chapters 4-5 of The Cricket in Times Square, answering comprehension questions after each chapter. We will also learn how to use context clues to figure out meanings of unknown vocabulary words.

Writing and Grammar: We are starting paragraph writing next week! The first type we will learn about is called explanatory. We will write a paragraph about our two favorite colors. We will also read an excerpt from a story called Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit.

Spalding Words Next Week: (Only 20 due to no school on Monday)
Tuesday: mixture, nation, pause, peace, permission, rough, social, society, steal (weak), steel
Wednesday: strange, trophy, voices, voice, eight, ate, afraid, uncle, rather, comfort

Up Up and Away
Ms. Mathot and Miss Smith

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Week 21

Terrific 2A Families!

Here is a helpful link for addition and subtraction! We have gone over a few of these methods in class, so this might be helpful in the upcoming week! :)

Homework Change: We're moving from leveled readers to book reports! We will be sending chapter books home next week with your child (due to MAP testing, will be Monday or Tuesday) They will have 3 weeks to finish, reading 20 minutes each night. Thank you for your help with this and please reach out if you have questions.

Math: We will be continuing our mental math unit with subtraction! Keep on practicing those simple math facts at home to help. We also start math groups! We look forward to seeing
 our volunteers. :)
Weekly Quiz: Tuesday

Science: We are continuing our Human Body unit by learning that all living things are made up of microscopic cells. We will also learn that cells make tissue, tissue makes organs, and organs build body systems. Ask you child to explain the relationship of cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

History: Next week in the Ancient Greece unit, we will be comparing the lives of children in Athens versus Sparta. Ask your child which city-state they would rather live in and why. We will also learn about the Ancient Greek Olympics! Lastly, the students will learn about the very exciting Persian Wars. Though the Greeks were outnumbered, they won the war against the Persians. Ask your child to tell you why people today run marathons and where they came from.

Spalding Words:
Monday: yesterday, among, question, quest, doctor, size, December, dozen, there (not here), their (they), they're (they are)
Tuesday: tax, number, October, reason, fifth, baking, bake, bowl, cheap (eat)
Wednesday: cheerful (keep), chicken, driving, drive, echoes, echo, fairy, knock, leather, linen

Literature: We will be reading from our new book, The Cricket in Times Square. If you have not already please send the book in with your child. We will discuss what it is like to move from one place to another. We will also have a group discussion about a time we wanted something really badly and our parents wouldn’t let us have it. We will ask the kids if they were able to talk their parents into it, or if they realized why their parents told them no. We will read chapters 1-3 in the book and discuss characters.

Grammar: We're reviewing parts of speech and jumping back in with marking and editing sentences to help us prepare us for writing paragraphs!

Up Up and Away,
Ms. Mathot and Miss Smith

Friday, January 4, 2019

Welcome Back 2A Community! (Week 20)

Wonderful 2A Families,

It feels good to be back! I hope everyone has had a restful break. I am very excited to see everyone. Thank you so much for all of your help the week before break and the wonderful presents Ms. Mathot and I received. Our classroom community is filled with such beautiful, kind hearts (or should we say...'Great Hearts' *wink!*)

 Let's get ready to blast off!

Math: Welcome back! We are jumping right in with our next unit: Addition and Subtraction. We will be tackling larger numbers and looking at different strategies to help us solve the values of word problems. It will be very beneficial to practice basic addition and subtraction facts with your child this week as a review.
Weekly Quiz- Thursday (2/10)

(We will be starting Math Groups the following week. Please look out for an email signup).

History: We are jumping right back into our Ancient Greece Unit and learning all about Athens! Your children will learn that the city got its name because the goddess Athena gave the people an olive tree and all the benefits that came with it. We will also study Athenian democracy and the lives of children in Athens. Ask your child to tell you similarities and difference between American and Athenian children.

Science: As we begin our Human Body unit, your children will identify the five senses and associated body parts
as well as identify the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and excretory systems as important systems in the human body. Students will also study and describe the significant contributions of Anton van Leeuwenhoek.

Homework Survey:
Thank you for taking the time to complete the latest homework survey.  We looked carefully at the numeric data and anonymous comments and had good conversation as a team.  Every child is unique and homework experiences vary widely, but there are occasional patterns in these surveys that help us to adjust our homework assignments.  With this in mind, we are going to make a few adjustments in the third quarter that will hopefully make the homework experience more joyful without sacrificing good learning.  We will continue to discuss as a team and will send another survey near the end of third quarter.  Beginning January 7th, parents and students can look forward to the following changes:
  • Spalding words will only need to be written once (in your child's best handwriting), without the markings. As always it is crucial that parents read the words aloud to their child. If your child misspells the word on the first try, we encourage them to write only the misspelled words 2 more times.
  • Students will begin book reports in the second week of Quarter 3. For the first week, students can read from a book of their choice at home or parents can read a book of their choice aloud to their children.
Starting Strong: We are looking forward to starting the year strong! We will spend some time goal setting and reviewing classroom procedures.

Poetry: We will be learning a new poem: Smart by Shel Silverstein.

Grammar: Your children will be introduced to linking verbs through reading a story called The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will also review parts of speech through singing our jingles from last semester and classifying sentences.

Writing: We will read a story called The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning.

Literature: We will start discovering the setting of our next book: The Cricket in Times Square! Students will learn about Connecticut and New York, as well as plot points on a map! Please send your child to school with their copy of this novel.
(We will be starting Literature Groups the following week. Please look out for an email signup).

Spalding Words:
Monday:  broke, feel, sure, sugar, least, sorry, press, God, god, teacher
Tuesday: November, subject, April, history, study, himself, matter, use, thought, person
Wednesday: nor, or, January, mean, vote, court, copy, act, been, be
Up Up and Away!
Miss Smith & Ms. Mathot

Monday, December 17, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Dearest 2A Families,

Homework Survey: We have read the results of the homework survey. Thank you to those who took time to complete it. 

Please send your child with a sturdy bag to store items in from their desk for Wednesday!

Math: We are wrapping up our Division and Multiplication by 2s and 3s Unit this week. A Cumulative Test B will be sent home Monday and our last Unit test for the year will be on Tuesday. Keep on practicing those multiplication facts during break! It will come in handy for the new year.

Boxcar Projects are due Today!

Half days on Tuesday and Wednesday (11:45 release for K-2)

Literature: Please make sure your child brings their Boxcar Diorama on Monday. They are also welcome to bring home their copy of The Boxcar Children. Please have them bring The Cricket in Times Square to school on January 7th!

Poetry: Your child will recite the stanza of their choice from The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.

Spalding: We will review some challenging words from the
past but no formal test will happen next week. There will also be no Spalding homework next's okay if you just breathed a huge sigh of relief :-). We will also review commonly missed phonograms during class.

Writing and Grammar
: Sentence markings will be reviewed and important parts of a friendly letter, too!

History:  we have one lesson about the story of Troy. Have your child retell the story to you using "first, next, then, and last." Be sure they include telling about the trick of the Trojan Horse! 

Up Up and Away!
Miss Smith and Ms. Mathot

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 18

Dearest 2A Families!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, and for making the day feel extra special! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and helpful class, cheers to the rest of the year!

Our Archway Arete library has officially launched, and we are looking for volunteers to help students check out books. Sign up here to serve! Our class will visit the library on 12/14.

Science: We are wrapping up the unit on Insects this week. Look out for a study guide coming home on Tuesday for the test on Thursday. Please help your child study for this final science test of 2018!

History: The Ancient China study guide is coming home today, December 7. Please study over the weekend for the test on Monday (we will be reviewing before the test in class!). The next unit we are diving right into is Ancient Greece! Before winter break starts, we will study a map of ancient Greece and learn about several gods and goddesses. Ask your child to tell you all about their favorite god or goddess. 

Poetry: We will begin recitations of The Night Before Christmas. Please make sure your child has chosen one stanza/part for recitation! (This is NOT for a grade, but as a way to joyfully close out the semester! Recitations will begin on Thursday for 2A.)

Spalding Words:
Monday: running, run, rule, carry, chain, death, learn, wonder, pair (two), pear (eat), pare (cut)
Tuesday: check, prove, heard, hear, inspect, itself, always, something, expect
Wednesday: need, thus, woman, women, young, fair, fare (fee), dollar, evening, plan

Literature: Our journey with The Alden Children has come to an end! We will take a final test over our comprehension of this novel. Don't forget about your Boxcar Diorama! These are due on Monday, December 17th. We will enjoy a Boxcar Feast and share our dioramas the week of December 17th.

Grammar/Writing: We will work on friendly letter writing to prepare for our "Secret Student" activity!

Math: We are continuing our journey through dividing by 2s and 3s now that we are familiar with multiplying these factors. Be on the lookout for a Quiz coming towards the end of the week!

Up Up and Away,
Miss Smith and Ms. Mathot

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Week 17

Amazing 2A Families,

We conducted our class spelling bee this week! All of the scholars worked very hard and should be proud of their participation in this event. 
We are proud to announce that the winners of our 2A spelling bee are McKenzie  and Jon ChrisMcKenzie will move on to compete in the school spelling bee with her 1st-5th grade peers. Jon Chris will attend as a runner up. 
The school spelling bee is on Wednesday, January 9th at 6pm in the MPR. All are welcome to attend this event but only the 1st place winners from each section will perform in the school spelling bee.

Please reach out to Ms. Modisett (, Arete's Spelling Bee Coordinator, with any questions or concerns.
Congratulations to the Courage Virtue Award Winner: Waleed!
On Next Week's Episode of 2nd Grade...

Literature: Our journey with the four Alden children comes to a close next week as we read the LAST two chapters (12 & 13). You may continue working on your Boxcar Diorama at home! Reach out if you have any questions.

Poetry: Please practice one part of The Night Before Christmas at home. Your child will only be graded on their recitation of one part of their choice. We will add in the last part to our class recitation next week.

Grammar: Prepositional phrases are being added to our question and answer flow. We will continue to practice this new skill to solidify our understanding.

Writing: Our excerpt next week is "The Young Man and The Cat" from The Crimson Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. We will study the features of this traditional fairy tale. 

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: holes, hotel, iron, living, live, monkey, myself, noise, pencil, pie
Tuesday: pull, sew (suture), sow (grow), so, steam, thread, thunder, tried, try, vein
Wednesday: except, aunt, ant, capture, else, bridge, offer, suffer, center, front 

Math: We are doubling and tripling our efforts this week as we focus on multiples for 2s and 3s. Practice skip counting at home or in the car to help with memorization. On Monday we will be having our Unit 5 test, please refer to the study guide sent last Friday.

History: The China unit continues next week. We will understand how silk is made, and the cultural, economic and geographic importance of silk. Your child will also understand the meaning of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Watch for a study guide coming home on Friday. The China test will take place on Monday, December 3.

Science: Our Insects unit continues with insects that have body armor (exoskeleton) and insects that are friends and foes! Your child should know the three parts of an insects body (head, thorax, abdomen) and that they have six legs and antennae. This week we will focus on ways that insects can be helpful or harmful to people.
Up Up and Away!
Miss Smith and Ms. Mathot

Monday, November 26, 2018

Welcome Back- Week 16

Dear 2A Families,

We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving Break. We are back into gear with December almost here!

On Next Week’s Episode of 2nd Grade...

Math: We are diving into division as well as practicing some word problems along the way! See how many different ways you can divide yummy after-school treats into equal shares perhaps? On Friday we will have a quiz concerning our division section and wrap up our mulitplication and division unit!

Literature: We will read Chapters 10 & 11 of The Boxcar Children. Ask your child to retell you some of the important events in a sequential order. Don't forget to be working on your diorama project at home! The suggested timeline says you should have by now: A. Planned what you want it to look like on the outside and B. by November 30th choose which 5 items you want to include inside that show how they made their boxcar into a home.

Poetry: We are working so hard to memorize one stanza each of The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.

Grammar: Our grammar experts are adding prepositions, object of the preposition, and prepositional phrases to their question and answer flow.

Writing: The excerpt next week is from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien.

Spalding Words Next Week:
Monday: died, die, changing, change, few, pleasant, please, picture, pitcher, pitch
Tuesday: money, ready, omit, anyway, eight, breakfast, chance, climb, coffee, color
Wednesday: contains, daily, day, eagle, fancy, fly, forest, freeze, gentle, grow

Science: Your children will continue to study insects next week. We will learn about more social insects, ant and termites, as well as insects that glow and sting! Ask your child to tell you how some insects communicate.

History: The Ancient China unit continues with lessons on the Great Wall of China, Chinese writing, and Chinese inventions. Your children will understand how Chinese language is written and read. Have your child tell you how it is different from English. You can also ask your child to tell you three things the Chinese invented.

      Up. Up and. Away,
Miss Smith and Ms. Mathot